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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is the spell caster frequently asked questions page. It contains the questions often asked to Ashra Koehn. It will have the answers directly underneath to which spells achieve fruitful results.

The most common questions asked to Ashra Koehn before requesting spells:

  • What spells would I use on a break up situation? What if I want to break up another couple to be with someone?
    • There is a section that has a break up love spell within it. This spells strength on separating an existing couple will banish an existing partner in favor for yourself to be with your lover again.
  • My situation is urgent. When can you cast a love spell for me?
    • Ashra Koehn will address your concern and cast your love spell once you get in contact with her using the contact form and you have selected a specific love spell on her website based on your gut-instinct inside your soul.
  • Would an attraction spell speed up the love spell that we already cast?
    • These spells, when done by Ashra Koehn, bring the most beautiful desire and attraction forward. Your lover may want to cuddle and become affectionate twice as quickly. There may be an instant boast to the return speed of an existing love spell cast.
  • Which power level would I use on a situation mine?
    • Choosing the highest power level upon which you can afford would be strongly recommended. In most situations, the higher two spell castings would result in a faster result. The power level is going to protect and place a protect bubble around the energy being delivered to a lover. The spells are going to be able to take hold and manifest without distractions and defective interference.
  • Do love spells backfire? Will Ashra Koehn use only white spells?
    • The energy used by Ashra has worked on many situations. It is pure white spell casting and effective at bringing the quickest results. There is no backfire in this type of spell casting. The type you are thinking about may be black spells, or black magic or witchcraft rituals.
  • I had love spells cast by another caster. Can I have spells cast by Ashra Koehn?
    • Ashra can cast upon your behalf. There have been plenty of reviews and testimonials describing her fixing a previous spell casters work. Your spells and your lover would likely benefit from ordering from you. You could contact her and she would tell you how to go about it.
  • Can I cast more than love spell by Ashra Koehn to speed this up? I can’t wait any longer!
    • It is very common to do a three-part combination of love spells. This is a very common question. It can make a substantial different to cast a love spell right after one another. This technique is called spell flooding and will drastically improve the results!
  • Are spells always a suitable solution?
    • No. When you are feeling too overwhelmed with life or thoughts of suicide come into your head, you should contact your local mental health unit immediately. Spells are not a substitute for extremely stressful and immediate crisis in your life.
  • How do I order spells from Ashra Koehn? Will I wait long for her to contact me?
    • You can order them from the page that the spells located on or by contacting Ashra directly about the spells you have interest in casting. She will answer you immediately.
  • Is there not a super love spell that gives me results in under 2 hours?
    • Yes, there is one kept secret spell that can be cast by Ashra Koehn. She deems it more appropriate to use spell casting in a responsible manner and only the love spells required to gain results. This spell is considered a last attempt on the most complicated of love situations. Ashra kept it secret on a special page, but you can find the love spell here and ask her for it yourself. Please remember that you must have a case and point about your situation needing something this grand and powerful, else you may not quality. The love spell required 4 days of spell casting and manifestation.

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